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you’re so brave

Hey crying about fictional gay couples is a tough job but someone’s got to do it

"Take me to my son."
Painted in Photoshop in like way too many minutes while listening to Rihanna

"Take me to my son."

Painted in Photoshop in like way too many minutes while listening to Rihanna

October 21st, 1976

Happy birthday, Andrew! 

omg Mama Tran you so badass


omg Mama Tran you so badass

It’s happening

Brokeback Mountain is on Netflix

I am home alone all day

I even have popcorn

I am ready to begin my demise



thought exercise: 

why would martin freeman do this?



dean and cas are gonna be face-to-face in 10x3 so here’s what i need:

  • dean calling cas “sweetheart” condescendingly
  • dean winking an eye black at cas
  • cas puNCHING DEAN IN THE FACE and slamMING HIM INTO A WALL and yelling “this is not the man i pulled out of hell. this is not the man i rebelled for.”
  • dean telling cas to just give up already and cas responds, “in the words of an old friend, bite me.”
Look, I know there's a lot of sexism with woman, but I feel you've strayed a bit into stereotyping men as you hate being done to females. Men don't all objectify women. They can love just as well as women can. Some are rude, but not all are. I mean no offense and am not biased towards men, I myself am female. Thank you for your time, I just wanted to express this


I understand where you’re coming from, hon, I do, because I do too sometimes feel like some feminists get a little too hateful even though I understand their rage. But I’m really not sure how you’re getting the idea that I’m stereotyping men as being all bad because if you look at my blog it’s like 90% me crying over Misha Collins and Dean and Cas. I’m well aware not all men are bad. I’ve known a lot of great men, and I happen to be heterosexual so I would really love to have a husband.

The thing is that not all men are bad, but 99.9% of them have bad opinions. For instance, I have a great guy friend who is sweet and kind but in conversations he’s criticized women for dressy slutty, getting plastic surgery to get male attention, and said that maybe girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts at school if that’s what I takes to keep the boys in line. And I’m not going to condemn him, cause he’s such a great guy. He also said that rapists should be put to death. He’s great. But there are still these toxic viewpoints in the minds of even the best guys, and we don’t do them any favors by telling them it’s okay to have those sexist ideas because they’re otherwise nice. All men need to be taught about their unconscious misogyny, all men need to understand what women deal with and how they have a responsibility to be allies and not enemies.

When we say “not all men”, we let good guys off the hook because they immediately say to themselves, well I don’t hate women, this doesn’t apply to me. But it does. All men need to examine themselves, all men need to become aware of the ways they unintentionally perpetuate sexism. All men.

Not to mention the fact that women who have been terrorized by men deserve the right to say whatever they need to without anyone butting in to remind them ‘not all men’. I don’t intrude on trans places to tell them ‘not all cis’ because that would make me a douchebag. (I’m not calling you a douchebag because I’m not offended by your message, but I don’t think you should send the same message to any woman who’s been assaulted.) Do a few men get their feelings hurt because of a rude post? Maybe. But that’s about on the bottom of my list of my priorities when compared to the needs of women who have been raped, abused, and otherwise harassed by men. That’s the cause I think we should get angry about.